Husky Howl In-Person Pre-Sale Extended and Volunteers Needed!

Husky Howl tickets and wristbands will be available for purchase afterschool today, October 23rd, from 3-4PM in the Hedenkamp front courtyard. Tickets are sold in bundles of 20 for $17.50 each and wristbands cost $15 each. Each child planning to use inflatable structures will be required to have a wristband. The Husky Howl will include music, carnival games, local food vendors, and will feature oversized inflatable rides provided by The Ninja Factory. Tickets will be required for all vendor purchases. 

Volunteers are needed for this event! Volunteers, please click here to sign up, and thank you in advance for your ongoing support!

Additionally, donations of store-bought dessert items for the event are needed! If you can donate a dessert item, please bring it to the Hedenkamp front office on Friday, Oct. 25th. Thank you for your support!

We are expecting a large crowd at the Husky Howl, so if you are able to walk, ride bikes, or carpool to the event that would be fabulous.  If you plan to wear a costume to the event, it must be school appropriate.  Also please remember we expect HUSKY behavior from all those attending the event!  We look forward to seeing you at the Husky Howl on Friday!