Thank you!

Thank you to all who participated in the Hedenkmap PTA At-Home Fitness Challenge! Please submit your completed Husky Fitness Challenge Tracker Form by email to if you’d like your child to be recognized in a blog shout out! This challenge was open to all students and their families.

Congratulations Huskies!

We’d like to recognize the following students and their families for their hard work and dedication to the Fitness Challenge! Way to go!

Wesley W. and his WHOLE FAMILY!

Brecken F.

Alessandra S.

Lael B.

Mina V.

Audreanne T.

The entire third grade classes -Mrs. Vallebo, Mrs. Go, and Mrs. Ware!

Amazing work, everyone!

As always, If you have photos to share from this or any event, please  send them to if you’d like the images to be considered for the yearbook! The deadline for all photo submissions is March 1st!

Yearbook Reminders and Price Decrease!

The Hedenkamp PTA recently made the decision to reduce the cost of the yearbooks by $10. Yearbooks are now available online at the newly reduced prices of $30 for a personalized yearbook and $25 for a non-personalized yearbook. Yearbooks will continue to be available for purchase at the Hedenkamp Huskies PTA webstore through April 1, 2021. Please visit for other important yearbook reminders and instructions on submitting photos of your huskies!

Family Night Out at Eastlake Chick-fil-A, Wednesday, Feb. 24, 4-7PM!

Attention Hedenkamp community! Please spread the word, tell your neighbors, friends and family! All are welcome to come out and show your Husky school spirit and support by ordering dinner via drive-thru at the Eastlake Terraces location of Chick-fil-A restaurant (located at 2089 Olympic Pkwy, Chula Vista, CA 91915) on Tuesday, February 24 from 4 until 7pm! Please be sure to say “Hedenkamp Fundraiser” when ordering and everyone is encouraged to dress in Huskywear and decorate car windows! Let’s show our Husky spirit! Please note that mobile orders will not be included, so please place orders when you arrive onsite. As always, let’s please remember to abide by all social distancing orders.

Winter Huskywear, Coming Soon!

The winter Huskywear sale will happen online from February 15th through February 28th. Please check back for the link!