2020-2021 Yearbooks Available

There are just a few 2020-2021 Hedenkamp Elementary Yearbooks available for purchase. Please visit the Hedenkamp Huskies PTA webstore if you’d like to purchase one of the extras, while supply lasts. Please note that all sales are final. Thank you!

Thank You, Hedenkamp Community!

Thank you to all the students, parents, community members, and volunteers whose generosity and kindness helped our Husky community thrive! Thank you to the PTA Membership for your engagement during this unprecedented year. Thank you to our PTA Executive Board for your countless hours of service! Thank you to Jodie Gerhardt for your hard work as Hedenkamp PTA President! We will miss you!

An extra special thank you to the Hedenkamp elementary staff, teachers, and administrators for their extraordinary dedication and wholehearted support of all Hedenkamp students!

Save the date! The first 2021-2022 PTA General Association Meeting will occur on August 19, 2021!

There are PTA board vacancies for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year!

Please email PTA@HuskiesPTA.com if you would like to serve on the PTA Executive Board!

2020-2021 Hedenkamp PTA Platinum Members

Thank you for your generous contributions!

  • Anne Aban
  • MaryAnne Arabia
  • Shannon Azocar
  • Mellinda Barajas
  • Addison Barken
  • Bennett Barken
  • Marie Billups
  • Marjorie Blanco
  • Mellissa Camarena
  • Terri Entzminger
  • Roger Ma
  • Merlyn Firme
  • Sandy Garcia
  • Jodie Gerhardt
  • Tony Gerhardt
  • Jacob Gerhardt
  • Eli Gerhardt
  • Janette Gomez-Lamadrid
  • Wilma Ileto
  • Catherine Kratochvil-Rojo
  • Jacob Labuff
  • Lauren Labuff
  • Gina Mazeau
  • Janice Nguyen
  • Helen Oh
  • Jimmy Park
  • Laura Pilkington
  • Pilar Rodriguez
  • Nadia Rohlinger
  • Rachel Rohlinger
  • Kristen Rose
  • Claudia Serrano
  • Crystal Sutton
  • Eric Sutton
  • Dolores Tabago
  • Vanessa Vargas
  • Gladys Vuong
  • Gene Yee

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