Purchasing a PTA membership via Totem instructions

Click the Join Now button or Login button.
If you haven’t already registered with Totem, register to Totem either using your Facebook account or with an e-mail address.
Continue with Facebook or with your e-mail address.

After either method, you’ll be logged into Totem. On the left hand side, under Member Menu, click Memberships.
Click the blue Join Now button.
For Membership type, click the drop down arrow above the blue Next button to see the various choices.
Click on the option applicable to you.
In this example, we are selecting the Parent/Guardian choice. You may select a different option as applicable to you. Press the blue Next button.
Optional step: You can add other Member(s) or Student(s) by clicking on the white Add a Member/Student button.
Optional step: In this example, we are adding Student(s) (Non-Member).
Optional step: You can fill out the fields that pop-up, asking for grade level or teacher, as applicable. Click the blue Next button.
Click the green Add a Donation button.
A pop-up will appear with choices of upgrading to a Gold or Platinum membership, or entering a custom dollar amount. Selecting a Platinum membership will feature your name in the yearbook!
If selecting custom donation amount, a new field will appear and you can enter in your desired dollar amount. Click the blue Next button.
Click the toggle next to Auto-renew on July 1 either enable or disable. Click the blue Next button.
Select your payment method, or enter a new payment method. Then press the green Pay $___ now button.
You’ll then see the Hedenkamp PTA membership information.
You can view your membership card, view benefits, share with others, and make further donations.
If desired, you can go back to the left menu sidebar, under Member Menu, and make changes to your Notifications, Payments, and Preferences. Don’t forget to logout when you are all finished! The log out text is under your name/photo frame.